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Detailed Description:

The celebration of Advent begins 4 Sundays before Christmas. This year, Advent begins Sunday, December 2, 2012...

Making an Advent Wreath from garden and yard clippings or trimmings, herbs or fresh greenery is a simple way to celebrate the season. It is a lovely, natural touch to your seasonal decor, as well as a meaningful reminder of Advent in your home. If you use fresh clippings, you have the added benefit of their beautiful scent. Making an Advent Wreath is a wonderful tradition and a great family activity. Many materials can be recycled supplies and with yard or garden clippings, the cost is minimal.

Herbs are a passion of mine and I have studied their many facets since 1980. In my study, I became interested in Advent Wreaths. During the last 12 years, I learned about their interesting history, tradition and symbolism, as well as how to make them. In this process, I discovered many others are also interested in making Advent Wreaths and learning more about them. It has been a thrill to teach Advent Wreath Making Workshops, in addition to writing about them for the last 6 years.

As a result of my learning, teaching and writing process, I have designed and published an "Advent Wreath Making Guide" and Advent Wreath Devotional that all participants in my Advent Wreath Making Workshops take home with their finished project.

Recently, I expanded my Advent Wreath Making Workshop, when along with some very special mommy-pals at a "Mom's Night Out" program, I videoed our Wreath Making Workshop so those interested in attending a session could see step-by-step, how to make an Advent Wreath right from the comfort of their own computer.



This Advent Wreath Making Podclass is a comprehensive on-demand workshop package including:

1) Downloadable/printable 9-page guide on making and using an Advent Wreath, with pictures: In this booklet, discover how Advent Wreaths are steeped in tradition, step-by-step instructions on how to create your own Advent Wreath, and how to safely use and care for it.

2) Advent Devotional 4-page color leaflet for lighting each candle, part of the Advent tradition and celebration you can download and print out.

3) Advent Wreath Making step-by-step Video with instructional narrative, featuring several variations created by my very special mommy-pals.

4) Advent Wreath Making Warning and Cautions informational sheet to help you create, safely enjoy, use and care for your Advent Wreath.

5) Advent Wreath Candle Lighting Sequence, Tradition and Symbolism Pictorial Guide, 7-page eBook.



 Are you planning an Advent Wreath Making Workshop or a simple gathering?

With this package, you also receive materials to help you promote and facilitate an Advent Wreath Making Workshop of your own, along with rights to reproduce and distribute the Advent Devotional and supplies list to your participants.


These workshop-planning resource materials are ones I have created based on my experience and include printables you can use for your workshop:

1) How To Set up an Advent Wreath Making Workshop: A sample template you can use, including what I do in setting up my workshops, how I structure them -- and why I really call them "FUNshops" instead of  'workshops'!

2) Advent Wreath Making Gathering Ideas: Variations and Inspirations to help you set up a true FUN memory-making session, based on my experience.

3) Advent Wreath Making Supplies List Promotional Sheet: Including Event Details and Supplies Info on a seasonally-decorated sheet, to print out and post, pre-promoting your event.

4) An Advent Wreath Making Information Sheet: Including a Supplies List (on a seasonally-decorated sheet), to print out and distribute to your registrants so they can come prepared to enjoy your workshop.

5-6-7) Advent Wreath Making Gathering Signage and a Sign-in Sheet: Two bright, pretty seasonal Signs to print and post on-site; and a decorated attendee Sign-in Sheet for your session is included.




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No more searching your computer for the instruction, eBooks or Devotional Printables -- easily found and always available right here in your Advent Wreath Making Workshop -- always just a click away! 



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P.S. - Ever been the victim of a computer crash and lost everything?! NO worries -- your Advent Wreath Making Workshop Online materials are here for you to use.

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Unsolicited Advent Wreath Making Workshop participant feedback:


"Thanks so much, and the video is terrific- just what I needed to get me going."

~ Eva Lyons



About your instructor: Becky Cortino

I have long held a true fascination for herbs, and am a lifetime member of the Herb Society of America, and a Master Gardener Volunteer graduate ('98), I am honored to be a contributor to the Herb Society of America's Essential Guide to Growing and Cooking with Herbs (now in 3rd reprint), a special project benefiting the National Herb Garden located in Washington, DC.

My herbal enthusiasm is the seed that sprouted my family's Herbal Treasures dream and family gardening adventure, beginning in 1998. I have a heart to share my herbal passions with a message of encouragement as a writer, featured public speaker and instructor on herbs, gardening and more! I am also a published author of A Basketful of Herbal Snippets, based on my most popular Herbal Treasures workshops held right in our garden!


One of my most favorite garden-based experiences is visiting the world-renowned The Royal Horticulture Society's Chelsea Flower Show in London... FABulous doesn't even begin to describe it -- it IS absolutely THE Ultimate Garden Party!




This entire program may be viewed and downloaded indefinitely, allowing you the benefit of attending an Advent Wreath Making Workshop FUNshop on your own schedule, from the comfort of your own computer!


Save time – money – gas and benefit from this special Podclass webinar on-demand Workshop Package!


Advent Wreath Making Book now available!


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