How to Create Successful Relationships - Unlock the Hidden Potential in Your Relationships
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Detailed Description:

We created this e-course to help people like you who truly want to have successful relationships, but perhaps have wondered exactly how to go about it. Maybe you've never seen a successful relationship or you have been disappointed in the past. Relationships can seem like such a mystery sometimes!

You can begin right now to take the mystery out of your relationships and begin acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in any relationship, personal or business.

Successful, lasting relationships don't just happen by chance, they are created. This program and e-course in particular will teach you specific skills and distinctions to help you create extraordinarily successful relationships. Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in any relationship, personal or business.

Highlights of Course Contents

  • Key One - Practice "High Performance" Communication - good communication is the foundation of any good relationship - the better your communication skills the better your relationships
  • Key Two - Have a Working Knowledge of the Five Stages of Relationships - all relationships go through predictable and unavoidable stages of development - when you know what they are and where your relationships are, you can design for success and avoid making some very big mistakes!
  • Key Three - Consciously Create Your Relationships Using a Design Model - no one would consider building a house without an architect and blueprints, yet people expect their relationships to succeed based on nothing more than a "good feeling"
  • Key Four - Practice "Radical Personal Responsibility" - you are not a victim, you are never upset for the reason you think and the only thing that hurts you in an upset is a thought you have about yourself that has been triggered by someone or some event
  • Key Five - Use Your Relationships for Your Conscious Evolution - conscious evolution is about using your relationships to resolve the painful past and to become something more, something greater than you have ever been

We are confident that when you learn the powerful tools and distinctions in this e-course you will enjoy more joy, happiness, love and creativity in all your most important relationships!