About Us

Podclass.com is the first online marketplace for the buying, selling and sharing of expertise in the form of online classes and video podcasts. With our powerful technology and easy-to-use course set-up wizard, anyone can create a class and share it with world... in a matter of minutes! And each podclass becomes a virtual community of like-minded individuals who've come together to learn, share and teach others.


If you have a skill or expertise -- any expertise at all -- you can now share it with the world using Podclass.com! If you have an existing educational course, now you can turn it into a dynamic, living educational experience, where you as the instructor can interact -- even collaborate -- with your students to create a richer, more dynamic and higher level learning experience


If you want to learn more about a subject from the convenience of your own home or office, and be able to meet and interact with other people who share your interests, you can do it right here at Podclass.com. You’ll find hundreds of classes at Podclass.com, both free and paid. I encourage you to click on the Learn tab at the top and explore some of the interesting course offerings.

Meet People

In Podclass, you can share the classes you're taking (or teaching) with your friends. And you can find, meet and interact with other members in Podclass.com who share the same interests as you.