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This purpose of this group is to show families how they can become financially independent by starting and running a successful home based business.
A home based business is the key to breaking out of the pay check to pay check existence so many middle class families find themselves in. Once in your home based business, you will learn how to structure your finances in accordance with the Laws of Wealth which will make you financially independent instead of the Laws of Consumption which will ultimately leave you in the same position as the 90% of Americans who will Never be able to stop work! Examples of what you will learn include: How to select a home based business that can replace your job income in 1-3 years How to get an Extra Pay Check from your present job next pay day and every pay day thereafter How to slash your income taxes by 15-20% immediately How to pay off All your unsecured bills in 2-4 years How to pay off your 30 year mortgage in 15 years or less How to generate tax free income How to boost your FICO score 100 points in 100 days And much, much more!
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