Pass the HESI exit exam: Prep course for HESI- Fundamentals
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Detailed Description:


This course covers fundamentals of nursing for the HESI preparation. It compresses the chapters and teaches you what you need to  know in a few minutes. It is a good tool for preparing for HESI if you start reading on time!


Detailed Description:

Course Description
Fundamentals of Nursing introduces you to the world of nursing, how a nurse thinks, the process of decision making, things you put into consideration when interacting with a patient and providing care. It also teaches the basic techniques of nursing tasks and how to be safe when performing these tasks. This course will in no way eliminate the reading you have to do to pass this course in class but it will give you a good idea of what you should know, why you should know it and how to apply it. This information will help you in class exams and on the HESI. Additionally the tests and assignments will also help you tremendously.

Course Outcome

After completing Fundamentals of Nursing, students will be equipped with a basic understanding of the following:

Care through the life span
Nursing process
Professional standards in nursing
Psychosocial aspects of nursing
Scientific basis for nursing practice
Clients with special needs

Recommended Prerequisites
There are no prereqs for this course but you must of course be in or about to get into nursing school to benefit from this course.

Students will be assigned 6 exams with up to or more than 75 questions for each section.


Care through the life span

Health and wellness
Caring for the cancer survivor
Culture and ethnicity
Care for different age groups

Nursing process


Professional standards in nursing

Ethics and values
Legal implications in nursing
Client education

Psychosocial aspects of nursing

Self concept
Spiritual health
Loss,death and grief
Stress and coping

Scientific basis for nursing practice
Vital signs

Infection prevention and control

Medication administration
Client safety
Fluid,electrolyte and acid base balance
Pain management
Urinary elimination
Bowel elimination

Clients with special needs

Mobility and immobility
Skin integrity and wound care
Sensory alteration
Care of surgical clients / Preop Care

Course Delivery
This course is delivered through learning modules for each of the 6 sections. See our FAQ for more details.

Education Credit
There are no credits accrued for this course