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  1. Does it cost anything to list my class in the Podclass directory? No. You can list as many “free” classes in Podclass as you want without paying any fees. However, if your class is a “paid” class, you will be charged a small fee when a student enrolls (ie. pays for your class). See the fee schedule for the Podclass fees.

  2. Can I start taking enrollments for my course before it begins? Yes. You can put up your class listing and immediately begin enrolling students, even if the actual course does not start until a future date (this is applicable for classes with a specified start and end date).

    How much does it cost to sell a class in Podclass? If you offer a “paid class”, when a student enrolls and pays for it, Podclass charges a small fee based on the price of your class. See the fee schedule for the Podclass fees.

  3. How much does it cost to take a class? Each class or video podcast in Podclass is priced at whatever price the instructor chooses. There are both free and paid podclasses that you can enroll in. Under the Learn tab, you can use our search engine to find classes and then sort them by price.

  4. Can I request a refund for classes I’ve signed up for? Some of the classes in Podclass offer a Money Back Guarantee, which will be clearly stated on the class detail page. All refunds are processed by the Instructor. To request a refund, you will need to contact the Instructor to initiate the refund process.

  5. Can I change my class listing once it’s in the Podclass directory? Yes. Your class description (ie Course Listing) as well as the content can be edited any time after you’ve created it. You can add video, audio, text and other multimedia content to your class listing at any time, even after you’ve created the basic listing.

  6. How do I get paid if I offer a class for sale in Podclass? If you offer a paid class in, all payments (sales of your class) will be processed by Podclass. You will be sent a check in the mail 30 days after you begin selling your course in Podclass, provided the total amount you’ve earned is $100 or more. Please review our Terms of Use for a complete description of how and when payments are made to Instructors in

Teaching A Class

Creating your Class Listing

With our powerful technology and easy-to-use course set-up wizard, anyone can put up a class in Podclass… in a matter of minutes! We’ve designed Podclass so that anyone, no matter how much or how little you know about the Web… can put up a class in Podclass.

Course Set-Up Wizard

Using our point-and-click course set-up wizard, you can create a class listing in Podclass in just 2 easy steps! In just a matter of minutes, you can begin sharing your knowledge with the world, and getting paid for it!

How To Create Your Course Listing

First, click on the Teach tab. The first option is to choose whether you want to create a Paid or Free course listing in Podclass. Once you make your selection, you will be taken to Step 1 of the Course Set-Up Wizard.

Step 1 – Title & Description

This is the screen where you will add your class title and description. Remember, this step is where your main class description will be entered, so make sure to write a complete and compelling course listing. Using our HTML editor, you can use html to make your course listing look like a webpage.
IMPORTANT: Make sure your course description does not contain outbound links to order your course through sites other than Podclass. This is a violation of the linking policy.

On this same screen, you will enter your tags, which are an important part of your class listing because this is how our search engine will find your course.

Just as important as your course description is your course category. From the drop-down box, choose the most appropriate category for your course listing to appear.

Below the description, tags, category and course fee (for a paid course) is the section where you can upload a video, audio and photo for your course listing that will be displayed in he Podclass directory.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend adding at least a photo for your course listing, because this image will appear on both as well as within Facebook. Courses with a course description photo or video have much higher visibility and traffic than courses that do not.

Advanced Settings

By clicking on the "Advanced Settings" link, you will have the option to add the course type (ongoing or fixed duration), the start and end date if you choose fixed duration, as well as the option to limit the number of students who can enroll in your class.

Important: If you choose to have an "ongoing" course type, you will not be able to change that option to a fixed duration later. So make sure to make to choose this option carefully.

If you choose to limit the number of students, then you can choose the number of students you will allow in your class as well as an option to include an Enrollment Count-Down feature to your class listing. This is a way to let potential students know how many seats remain open until it your total enrollment is filled up.

If you have chosen a fixed duration for your course listing, you will also need to enter your Enrollment Deadline. This is the last day a student can enroll in your class.

If you have chosen a paid course, you will also have the option of offering a money-back guarantee to students and how long.

Setting up an Affiliate Program

Under the Advanced Settings, you can choose to offer an affiliate program to other members of Podclass. If you choose to offer an affiliate program, you can choose to limit the program to only students enrolled in the class or any members of Podclass. You can also choose the amount (either flat fee or percentage of course fee) as your affiliate commission. If you choose to offer an affiliate program, your course will be listed in a special directory of classes that offer an affiliate program. That directory will be located at

The final option on Step 1 under the Advanced Settings is whether you want to include an information request form (ie. an opt-in form) on your class description page. If you choose this option, you can send interested parties more information about your class using the auto-responder system. You can set up a single message to be sent to prospective students or as many as you want. To access the controls for email messages sent out to students, from the Home tab, click on the My Subscribers sub-tab.

Once you've entered the information on Step 1, then click on the button "Go To Step 2".

Step 2 - Review & Submit

The final step before submitting your class to the Podclass directory is the Review & Submit step. On this screen, you can see visually if your class listing looks the way you want it to. If it does not, you can click on the Edit Description to edit your class listing.

Once you are done with the Review and Submit step, click on the "Submit Your Course" button. If it is your first time teaching a class at Podclass, you will be asked to submit your Payee information (for a paid class) or your complete contact information for a free course listing.

After you've entered either your Payee details or contact information and click the submit button, you will be taken to the Course Control Panel, where you have access to all the controls of your class, including adding course content.

Adding Content to your Class

Once you have submitted your course listing, you will be taken to the Course Control Panel. This is the screen where you can add content to your class. These can be labeled as class modules, lessons, units or whatever label you choose. You simply click on the link that says “Add Content” and you will have the ability to enter text, html content, upload video or audio to your course.

Editing your Class Listing

Editing Course Content

From within the Course Control Panel, you can access your course content. Next to each module or lesson is an Edit and Delete link. The “Edit” link allows you to edit the content of that module.

Editing Your Podclass Course Description

From the My Podclass tab, you can access the courses you are teaching. Under the heading Courses I’m Teaching, click on the title of the course you wish to access. Then you will be taken to the Course Control Panel. From the Course Control Panel, on the left navigation pane, you can edit your course description by clicking on the Re-enter course wizard link. This will take you back to the Review & Submit step of the course set up sequence. From that screen, you can click on the Edit Course Title link or click on any of the Tabs (Select a Category, Title & Description, or Enrollment & Marketing) to edit your class listing.

Relisting your Course in the Podclass Directory

Ten days after your course has expired (for courses with a start and end date) your course listing will be removed from the Podclass directory. However, you can re-list your course in Podclass by going to the My Podclass tab, under the section labeled Courses I’ve Taught. To the right hand side of that section, click on the Repeat link to re-list your course.

Fee Schedule

See the fee schedule for the Podclass fees.

Issuing Refunds

If a student requests a refund on a course with a money back guarantee, the Instructor must notify the Podclass support department at to initiate the refund process. In the event the instructor does not notify support, the user’s account could be subject to suspension.

Taking A Class

To take a class, click on the Learn tab. There you will find the Podclass directory with categories that you can browse to find classes on various subjects. Alternatively, you can use our search engine to find the class you are interested in.

Enrolling In A Class

To enroll in a class, simply visit the class description page and click on the Enroll Now button. This will take you a screen where you will enter your payment information (for a paid course) or a short form to complete to gain access to the course.

Paying for Paid Classes

To pay the enrollment fee, you simply enter your payment information into the order form and Podclass will process the payment and transfer the funds to the Instructor.

Take the Class

Once you have enrolled in class, you will immediately be taken to the Course Content page. If the course you enrolled in begins at a future date, you will have access the class community, including the Forum, Chat and Wiki. On the date the class begins, you will have access to all of the actual course content.

Rating The Class

Once you have been given access to the course, 2/3 of the way through the class (for classes with a start and end date) you will have the opportunity to rate the content and the instructor. For courses with no start and end date, you will have the opportunity to rate the content within 10 days of enrolling.


Podclass was designed to build communities around various educational topics. Under the Groups tab, you will find communities on numerous subjects.

Joining a Group

To join a group, simply click on the Groups tab and browse the various groups to find a group that interests you. Alternatively, you can use the Podclass search engine to find a group that interests you.
If you would like to create your own Group, you must be a member of Podclass.

Creating a Group

Once you are logged in, you simply click on the Create Group link. From that screen, you will be able to add your group details, including the name of the group, upload an image and an icon, add descriptions and add tags. Once you’ve created a group, other members of Podclass can join in your group. You can also announce your group to your friends within Podclass or outside of Podclass.

Posting to Forums

In order to post to a group (forum), you must first join the group as described here.

My Podclass

The My Podclass tab is where you find information about the courses you are currently taking, courses you are teaching and courses you have taught.

Courses I'm Taking

This section will list the classes you are currently enrolled in along with the class date and instructor.

Courses I'm Teaching

This section will display the classes you are currently teaching (in progress). You can access your Course Control Panel by clicking on the title of the class.

Courses I've Taught

This section displays the classes you’ve taught (completed). You can access the Course Control Panel by clicking on the title of the class. You can re-list your class by clicking on the Repeat link in the right hand column.

Reporting Center

You will also find the Reporting Center in the left control panel, which is where you will find information about your Course Sales if you are offering a paid class in Podclass. If your course has an affiliate program, the Reporting Center is also where you can access your affiliate reporting.